Trader Joes Bread and Bagels

Trader Joe’s NEW Gluten Free Bread and Bagels

While bumping my way through TJs this past weekend, I did my usual visual scan of the bread shelves to see if they had anything new in the Gluten Free genre. Lo and behold, they did! Trader Joe’s seems to have followed along with the likes of Rudi’s, Udi’s, and Franz bakeries to bring to […]

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Enjoy Life Mixes

Enjoy Life Foods Now Has Baking Mixes

Enjoy Life now has a line of baking mixes. These include All Purpose Flour, Brownie, Muffin, Pancake & Waffle, and Pizza mixes. They are: * Gluten-Free & Free-From the Top 8 Allergens! * Contain 5g plant-based protein per serving! * Developed with Probiotics! * Verified Non-GMO! * Kosher & Halal Certified!

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Favorite GF Bread

For years I ate Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Brown Rice Bread. It was the best option I could find for the price that also didn’t have too many other odd ball ingredients that I could not tolerate. Now that I visit the bread aisle in typical grocery stores more often (due to most stores having […]

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Is there interest for a GF store in Bend or Redmond?

A reader asked if other readers would comment on if they would like to see a Gluten Free grocery type store in the Bend or Redmond area. So what do you think Central Oregon? Feel free to comment here or on our Facebook page. Thanks for reading Gluten Free Bend!

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AKulinary Innovations GF Flour

Gluten Free Bend recently obtained a sample of AKulinary Innovations AP Flour^GF (Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Powder). We are excited to try our favorite gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe as well as some other baking creations. A quick run down of the product characteristics include a super finely ground flour to eliminate the […]

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GF Supperclub

GF Supper Club – pdx

A Portland, Oregon based friend of recently started a Gluten Free Supper Club ( in the Portland area. The social group (and website) aims to get people together for meals or other outings at Gluten Friendly restaurants and other locations in the PDX area. Check them out if you live in the area, or […]

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Katz GF Cinnamon Rugelech.jpg

Gluten Free Cinnamon Rugelech

I have been happily buying Katz Gluten Free, Cinnamon Rugelech for a couple of years now, from our Whole Foods in Bend, Oregon. They went through some supply issues over the past year. Sometimes it was in the store, sometimes it wasn’t. My heart would always sink a little when it wasn’t located on one […]

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GF Pumpkin Spice Cookie Recipe

We wrote about these almost cake like cookies last Fall and now we are sharing the recipe for gluten free pumpkin spice cookies. This is shared by a reader from Florida who recently relocated to the Portland, Oregon area. Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Cookies – GF Ingredients: 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, softened (GFB […]

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Parents’ Feeding Choices & Baby’s Celiac Risk

Interesting article from WebMD about a study that might indicate a relationship between late introduction of gluten to a baby, and prolonged breast feeding contributing to an increased risk of Celiac disease. Thanks for reading Gluten Free Bend!

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Nabisco Rice Thins

Nabisco GF Rice Thins

Think Wheat Thins, but made with Rice. These crackers are just like the Sesmark Gluten Free Rice Thins (Crackers) that are sold in most health food type stores. Now you can find the Nabisco version in most places Nabisco products are sold. We found these at Safeway in Bend, Oregon. There are three flavors, and […]

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